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Jimmy Page photographed by Barrie Wentzell, 1970.

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Worum sich die Angst ängstet, ist das In-der-Welt-sein selbst. In der Angst versinkt das umweltlich Zuhandene, überhaupt das innerweltlich Seiende. Die »Welt« vermag nichts mehr zu bieten, ebensowenig das Mitdasein Anderer. Die Angst benimmt so dem Dasein die Möglichkeit, verfallend sich aus der »Welt« und der öffentlichen Ausgelegtheit zu verstehen. Sie wirft das Dasein auf das zurück, worum es sich ängstet, sein eigentliches In-der-Welt-sein-können. Die Angst vereinzelt das Dasein auf sein eigenstes In-der-Welt-sein, das als verstehendes wesenhaft auf Möglichkeiten sich entwirft.
— 出典:Heidegger 1927:187


Columbia University Student Will Drag Her Mattress Around Campus Until Her Rapist Is Gone

"I think the act of carrying something that is normally found in our bedroom out into the light is supposed to mirror the way I’ve talked to the media and talked to different news channels, etc," Emma continues in the full video which you can watch here. 

Such a powerful statement.

The blink of the present instant (the Augenblick) is thus haunted from the start by a past and a future. And so it cannot maintain its privilege as a philosophical foundation.
— 出典:Bennington, Jacques Derrida p.69
The presence of the present, the form of experience in general, is not my personal doing, it outlives me, and that is the measure of its transcendentality.
— 出典:Bennington, Jacques Derrida p.68
My mortality (my finitude) is thus inscribed in everything I inscribe. What is here called ‘death’ is the generic name we shall give to my absence in general with respect to what I write — whether this absence be real or an absence of attention or intention or sincerity or conviction …
— 出典:Bennington, Jacques Derrida p.51
Then I decided that this disorder and this dilemma, revealed by my desire to write on Photography, corresponded to a discomfort I had always suffered from: the uneasiness of being a subject torn between two languages, one expressive, the other critical; and at the heart of this critical language, between several discourses, those of sociology, of semiology, and of psychoanalysis — but that, by ultimate dissatisfaction with all of them, I was bearing witness to the only sure thing that was in me (however naive it might be): a desperate resistance to any reductive system.
— 出典:Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida page 8
Drastischer mag die gleiche Vermutung durch die Besinnung darauf nahegelegt werden, wie oft schon die Gestalt des »großen« Verbrechers, mögen auch seine Zwecke abstoßend gewesen sein, die heimliche Bewunderung des Volkes erregt hat. Das kann nicht um seiner Tat, sondern nur um der Gewalt willen, von der sie zeugt, möglich sein. In diesem Fall tritt also wirklich die Gewalt, welche das heutige Recht in allen Bezirken des Handelns dem einzelnen zu nehmen sucht, bedrohlich auf und erregt noch im Unterliegen die Sympathie der Menge gegen das Recht.
— 出典:

Walter Benjamin, Zur Kritik der Gewalt

[This may explain why I like Mafia films.]


So … I got this offer for a room in LA, but it’s in this woman’s home and I am really sick of living in (what feels like) other people’s space. I really just want a place of my own that I could furnish and live the way I want. But … like I don’t know if I’ll find anything better than this place (price-wise, etc). I don’t know what to do.

Gespenst No. 1 (Ghost No. 1): the supreme being (das hoechste Wesen), God. Not a minute is wasted speaking of this “incredible belief,” Marx notes. Neither Stirner nor Marx, moreover, stops to consider the essence of believing, here the essence of faith par excellence, which can only ever believe in the unbelievable, and would not be what it is without that, beyond any “proof of the existence of God.”
— 出典:Derrida - Specters of Marx, page 179
So please ask yourself: What would I do if I weren’t afraid? And then go do it.
— 出典:

Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead (via larmoyante)

Probably switch grad programs…

Honestly I just want romance. And a relationship. And sex.

I hate to see that evening sun go down. ‘Cause it makes me feel like I’m on my last go-round.
— 出典:Saint Louis Blues






All the naysayers who were against marijuana legalization are eating crow right about now. Colorado’s weed sales just keep trending up, and with the sales of legal weed, they are improving their schools and reducing overall crime rates.”

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My favorite headline from this trend has been “Six Months Since Marijuana Legalization and Colorado is Overrun With Way Less Crime”.


i love my state